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How do I keep track of Sasha Berliner's latest tour dates?

Sasha has a mailing list in the works. For now - following her website "Shows" page, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or BandsInTown account will keep you up to date on all her latest performances. She is constantly updating and adding new dates, and they are always shared to all platforms the moment they are confirmed.

What mallets does Sasha use?

Sasha is endorsed by Blue Haus Mallets and has her custom model available for purchase on her artist page here. These are the mallets that she primarily uses, along with other Blue Haus models.  

What vibraphone model does Sasha use?

Sasha primarily uses a Musser M55 Pro Vibe with gold bars. She does also perform with silver bars and vibraphones by Yamaha and Malletech. Sasha does not use vibraphones with non-graduated bars. 

What cymbals and drumsticks does Sasha use?

Sasha is a fan of Dream cymbals, especially the vintage Bliss collection. She currently has the 22" vintage Bliss crash ride and the 14" regular Bliss hihat cymbals. Sasha also uses Zildjian K cymbals and Istanbul cymbals. Sasha's drumstick of choice is Vic Firth.

What camera and audio devices does Sasha use to record her videos?

Sasha uses a Canon EOS Rebel T6, condenser microphones, a Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 audio input system, and Logic Pro X audio interface.