chega de saudade - four mallet arrangement by sasha berliner

Sasha Berliner Solo w/ morgan guerin 5tet - "LK02"

Live at the "The Saga II" CD release at the Velvet Note in Alpharetta, GA.

Mallards and Sea Turtles (For Neel Foon) - A Solo Composition by Sasha Berliner

Tyshawn sorey's conduction performance at the Banff centre for arts and creativity

Sasha Berliner is featured here playing marimba, starting around the 24 minute mark.

Sasha Berliner alternate mode MalletKAT Demo feat. Kurzweil Sounds

Joffrey Ballet School/The New School Presents Live From New York! Collaboration "When You're Lying Awake..." Choreographer Rena Butler + Composer Nick Dunston

Sasha Berliner is the percussionist in this performance.

Sasha Berliner with andrew st. james ft. angelo moore of fishbone

Performing "Love Is A Cancer That Kills All Conditions" by Andrew St. James at the Satellite in Los Angeles, CA.

Additional videos can be found on Sasha's Youtube channel here.


Oakland's Finest, Vol II: An Interview With Sasha Berliner - The Odyssey Online

Sasha Berliner elaborates in depth on the future of jazz and music as a whole, growing up in the bay area, and being a woman in the music industry.

On The Corner: Women Who Play - SF Jazz

Sasha Berliner and fellow SF Jazz High School All Stars female peers discuss jazz improvisation and their musical beginnings. 

Smalltune Music Scholarship 2015 | Reto Peter | Smalltune Music

Sasha Berliner's feature as the winner of the 2015 Smalltune Music Scholarship to record at Fantasy Studios, briefly describing her debut EP "Gold" that was recorded as a result.