Aging Devotion. (7.21.16)

in the midst of a chaotic universe

we are frozen


feelings exposed in vulnerable air

asking for resolve

to answers I left blank

or second guessed too many times to count

interrupted by societal constructs,

to then be deconstructed by open mindedness and aural compass -

which I sometimes found myself following blindly, without explanation

and yours,

yearning for mutuality/reflexiveness

stronger with each silencing moment

half tortured and half enamored,

clashing in pursuit

hidden in the pockets of nocturnal time

away from them all

(enclosed) in silent cars

and unspoken exchanged looks

eyes searching for mine

until I look up


It is bittersweet

as you are unraveling

your heart has sliced open

you have fallen to your knees

at the pinnacle of your worship

and I am watching your devotion

unable to respond

and no one knows

to withdraw

or to come closer

but magnetization remains,




a crippling romance

at all hours

and all feelings

and all words

and all thoughts


Sasha BerlinerComment